Friday, May 17, 2013

cPanel Scripts

cPanel Scripts
cPanel and WHM has a large number of predefined scripts available in the /scripts folder. The available scripts are as follows:

/scripts/adddns — Add a Dns Entry
/scripts/addfpmail — Install Frontpage Mail Exts
/scripts/addservlets — Add JavaServlets to an account (JSP plugin required)
/scripts/adduser — Add a User
/scripts/admin — Run WHM Lite
/scripts/apachelimits — Add Rlimits (CPU and MEM limits) to apache.
/scripts/autorepair — For repairing spam database, horde patch etc.
/scripts/cpbackup — Backing up accounts
/scripts/courierup — Reinstall courier
/scripts/dnstransfer — Resync with a master DNS Server
/scripts/editquota — Edit A User’s Quota
/scripts/eximup — Reinstall exim
/scripts/finddev — Search For Trojans in /dev
/scripts/findtrojans — Locate Trojan Horses
/scripts/findtrojans > /var/log/trojans
/scripts/fixtrojans /var/log/trojans
/scripts/fixcartwithsuexec — Make Interchange work with suexec
/scripts/fixquotas — Fix account’s quota
/scripts/fixhome — Fix Permissions on accounts
/scripts/fixinterchange — Fix Most Problems with Interchange
/scripts/fixndc — To try and fix domain controller
/scripts/fixtrojans — Run on a trojans horse file created by findtrojans to remove them
/scripts/fixwebalizer — Run this if a user’s stats stop working
/scripts/fixvaliases — Fix a broken valias file
scripts/fullhordereset — Reset the horde database
/scripts/generate_maildirsize– Fix mailbox size
/scripts/hdparamify — Turn on DMA and 32bit IDE hard drive access (once per boot)
/scripts/initquotas — Re-scan quotas. Usually fixes Disk space display problems
/scripts/initsuexec — Turn on SUEXEC (probably a bad idea)
/scripts/installzendopt — Fetch + Install Zend Optimizer
/scripts/ipusage — Display IP usage Report
/scripts/killacct — Terminate an Account
/scripts/killbadrpms — Delete \”Security Problem Infested RPMS\”
/scripts/mailperm — Fix Various Mail Permission Problems
/scripts/mailtroubleshoot — Attempt to Troubleshoot a Mail Problem
/scripts/makecpphp — Compile cpanel php
/scripts/mysqlpasswd — Change a Mysql Password
/scripts/mysqlup — Reinstall mysql
/scripts/newftpuser — Create a new ftp user
/scripts/quicksecure — Kill Potential Security Problem Services
/scripts/perlinstaller — Install a perl module
/scripts/pkgacct — To take backup of an account
/scripts/rebuildippool — Rebuild Ip Address Pool
/scripts/reinstallmailman — Reinstall MailMan
/scripts/realperlinstaller — Install a perl module
/scripts/remdefssl — Delete Nasty SSL entry in apache default httpd.conf
/scripts/restartsrv — Restart a Service (valid services: httpd,proftpd,exim,sshd,cppop,bind,mysql)
/scripts/restorepkg — Restore an account
/scripts/rpmup — Syncup Security Updates from RedHat/Mandrake
/scripts/runweblogs — Force an awstats update.
/scripts/runlogsnow — Force a webalizer/analog update.
/scripts/secureit — Remove non-important suid binaries
/scripts/setupfp4 — Install Frontpage 4+ on an account.
/scripts/setupfp5 — Install Frontpage 5+ on an account.
/scripts/simpleps — Return a Simple process list. Useful for finding where cgi scripts are running from.
/scripts/suspendacct — Suspend an account
/scripts/sysup — Syncup Cpanel RPM Updates
/scripts/ulimitnamed — RH 6 only. Install a version of bind to handle many many zones.
/scripts/unblockip — Unblock an IP
/scripts/unsuspendacct — UnSuspend an account
/scripts/upcp — Update Cpanel
/scripts/updatenow — Update /scripts
/scripts/updateuserdomains — Update /etc/userdomains file
/scripts/wwwacct — Create a New Account

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