Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How do I assign additional IP addresses in RedHat/CentOS?

If you are using CPanel, you should add the IP addresses through WHM. Do not follow these instructions if you are using CPanel.
If you want to assign the addresses – to your server, you will need to create a RANGE file.
cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
ls ifcfg-eth1-range*

If you already have a range file, you will need to create a new one for the new range of IPs you are adding, eg ‘nano ifcfg-eth1-range1` . If you have one named range1, name the next range2 and so on.
nano ifcfg-eth1-range1
Place the following text in the file:
Note: CLONENUM_START defines where the alias will start. If this is the second range file, you will need to set CLONENUM_START to a value higher than the number of IP addresses assigned. To check what you currently have used, you can run ‘ifconfig –a | grep eth1’. This will list devices such as eth1:0, eth1:1, eth1:2, and so on. If you are currently using upto eth1:16, you will need to set CLONENUM_START to 17 to assign the IPs correctly.

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