Thursday, March 21, 2013

Configuration File name for Scripts.

Configuration File name for Scripts.

Usually there are many scripts available and they have different configuration file name using which we can use to update the configuration of website and it does include database username and password details.

If you have root or shell access you can locate the file under using below cmd, but make sure are are in the correct document root of the domain.
find . -type f -name “config_file”
find . -type f -name “wp-config.php”

Below are the Configuration file name for the scripts.

WordPress >> wp-config.php

Joomla >> configuration.php

Drupal >> sites/default/settings.php

osCommerce >> includes/configure.php
Cube Cart >> includes/

Zen Cart >> includes/configure.php

PHPlist >> config/config.php

Magento >> app/etc/local.xml

Mambo >> configuration.php

MyBB >> inc/config.php

SMF >> Settings.php

Soholaunch >> sohoadmin/config/isp.conf.php

B2 Evolution >> conf/_basic_config.php

Boonex Dolphin >> inc/

Coppermine Photo Gallery >> include/

dotProject >> includes/config.php

FAQMasterFlex >> faq_config.php

Geeklog >> db-config.php

Noahs Classifieds >> app/config.php

Moodle >> config.php

Gallery >> config.php

Nucleus >> config.php

PHP-Nuke >> config.php

phpBB >> config.php

Post-Nuke >> config.php

Siteframe >> config.php

phpWCMS >> include/inc_conf/

phpWebSite >> conf/config.php

PhpWiki >> admin.php

TYPO3 >> typo3conf/localconf.php

vBulletin >> includes/config.php

WebCalendar >> includes/settings.php

Xoops >> mainfile.php



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