Sunday, October 5, 2014

Neutron check Commands

To list all the virtual routers and dhcp server
>> ip netns ls

[root@neutronww1 ~]# ip netns
[root@neutron1 ~]#

Here the virtual routers are once which start with extension qrouter and dhcp server are those which start with extension qdhcp.

To get more details about the virtual routers and dhcp server we can use following command

>>[root@n1 ~]# ip netns exec <virtual router/dhcp server IP from ip netns command> <network command>


ip netns exec qrouter-641ca25a-7832-4818-b7ww5b-559c8f75ba5c ip a
ip netns exec qrouter-641ca25a-7832-4818-b7www5b-559c8f75ba5c ifconfig
ip netns exec qrouter-641ca25a-7832-4818-b7www5b-559c8f75ba5c route -n
ip netns exec qrouter-641ca25a-7832-4818-bwww75b-559c8f75ba5c ping

In the above examples we use the commands like “ip a”, “ifconfig” and “route” to list different parameters of the virtual router and dhcp server.  We can use the route command to add up more routing rules if needed.  There we can use the commands like ip, ifconfig, route, ping etc just as we use it on the physical system. To tweak/troubleshoot the entire system. 

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