Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CpuLimit -- Limiting User's resource Usage

sudo yum install cpulimit
If it’s not possible in your distro then it’s extremely easy to compile it:

cd /usr/src/
wget --no-check-certificate -O cpulimit.tar
tar -xvf cpulimit.tar
cd opsengine-cpulimit-9df7758
ln -s src/cpulimit /usr/sbin/cpulimit

/usr/sbin/cpulimit --limit=10 /bin/gzip test.tar
Using cpulimit you can also allocate CPU limit to already running processes, e.g. below command will allocate 20% CPU limit to process with PID 2342:

/usr/sbin/cpulimit -p 2342 -l 20
It’s possible to specify process by its executable file instead of PID:

/usr/sbin/cpulimit -P /usr/sbin/nginx -l 30

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