Monday, May 12, 2014

Extend a root volume in the Aws

To extend a root volume in the Aws we first need to take a snap shot of the correct volume and the create a new volume of the needed size from the snapshot. Checking the size of the Current partition. We can see that the current size is 10Gb. Intial State

First find the correct instance ID


Check the volume section and find out which all volume are attached to the Correct instance. Check and note the volume instance and find the mount path as we need to mount the new volume to same mount path.     Instance-ID-01

  Select the Correct Volume and create a snapshot of that Volume. Right Click and select the option to create a snapshot.


Enter the snapshot name and description to create a snapshot.


Snapshot Created.


    Now select the snap shot option in the right menu and choose the correct snapshot which needs to be extended and Right click to create the new volume.


Select the Needed Size , type of storage etc


Once the Volume in created you can see it in the Volume Panel in available model.


Stop the instance in which the Volume is mounted


  Select the Volume panel  and Unmount the  initial Volume which is of small size by right click the old volume.


Once the volume ins unmounted both the Volumes will be in available state. Now right click on the new volume and attach it into the instance.


  Enter the instance to which the volume should be added and also the device path which we have save before.


Make sure you enter the device path correctly as we have noted down before.  


Once mounted make sure that the instance ID, Volume ID and device path are correct.


Once its all set start the instance and check the size. In some cases we need to run resize2fs to make the size of the volume extent.


In windows you can resize it from the disk management option.      

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