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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Putty + Remote tunnel + RDP

Installing Putty and Configuring SSH Tunnel and Remote Desktop

On the CLIENT computer we are connecting from, we will need to install Putty and configure it to connect RDP over SSH (ie create the tunnel).

1. To install putty, just extract the Zip for to your C:\Putty folder.  The Putty folder should contain several .exe programs.

2. To run putty, we will just run the Putty.exe in the C:\Putty folder.  To make it easier to launch, you can create a shortcut to Putty.exe and put it on your desktop or in your Start Menu.

3. Under the Session section (on left pane), type in the host name of the pc we are connecting to (in our example on our local network). and leave the port at 22.  Also you can go under the Saved Session box and enter a name to save the profile as for easy connection (more later on this).

Under the Connection > SSH Tunnels tab, under Source Port, enter in a local port to connect to as our tunnel (i use a very high port in the 40000 range, we’ll use 40000), in the Destination box, we can put in the ip address of the remote computer we have running Copssh/SSH, in my example.

Go back to the Sessions section and click the Save button under the Saved Sessions box and then hit the Open button.

4. You should get a prompt to accept a key the first time we connect, click Yes.

5.  We now should get a command window like interface asking for a user.  Enter your remote computers login username and password.  Once you connect, the command window will change to a local window.

Connecting via Remote Desktop over the SSH Tunnel

1. On the laptop/client computer, open Remote Desktop Connection (Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection)

2. Enter in for the computer to connect to. = the local tcp/ip stack loopback address and 40000 = port to connect over.  This in turn forces our remote desktop client to use the SSH tunnel we created at 40000 to connect to our remote pc at the 22 port.