Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cpanel Moving accounts from one partition (hard drive) to another

(Home >> Account Functions >> Rearrange an Account)


Rearrange an Account
To change an account’s hard drive:
Select the desired account from the list.
You may use the Account Search feature to search for an account by domain or by user.

Click Rearrange.
Select the drive from the menu.
note Note: To move accounts between hard drives, each hard drive must match the value of /home set in the Basic cPanel & WHM Setup Basic Config section. Any additional home directories which match the value set in Basic cPanel & WHM Setup will also be used for new home directory creations. For example, /home, /home2, /newhome. If the value does not match the hard drive, you can not move the account. This feature is disabled if left blank.

Click Move Account.

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