Thursday, September 25, 2014

Checking loadspeed of a Site Using phantomjs

Using  phantomjs to check different parameters of a site.

 Installing the module
sudo yum install fontconfig freetype

tar jxvf phantomjs-1.9.7-linux-i686.tar.bz2
mv phantomjs-1.9.7-linux-x86_64 phantomjs
export PATH=$PATH:/root/phantomjs/bin/

In the  phantomjs directory there are examples for js script. We use a test script provided by them for checking the load speed of site. 

phantomjs loadspeed.js
Page title is Linux Conquering Cloud
Loading time 4559 msec

Basic examples

  • arguments.js shows the arguments passed to the script
  • countdown.js prints a 10 second countdown
  • echoToFile.js writes the command line arguments to a file
  • fibo.js lists the first few numbers in the Fibonacci sequence
  • hello.js displays the famous message
  • module.js and universe.js demonstrate the use of module system
  • outputEncoding.js displays a string in various encodings
  • printenv.js displays the system's environment variables
  • scandir.js lists all files in a directory and its subdirectories
  • sleepsort.js sorts integers and delays display depending on their values
  • version.js prints out PhantomJS version number
  • page_events.js prints out page events firing: useful to better grasp page.on* callbacks


  • colorwheel.js creates a color wheel using HTML5 canvas
  • rasterize.js rasterizes a web page to image or PDF
  • rendermultiurl.js renders multiple web pages to images
  • technews.js captures Google News as a PNG image

Page automation

  • direction.js uses Google Maps to print driving direction
  • follow.js shows the number of followers of some Twitter accounts
  • imagebin.js uploads an image to
  • injectme.js injects itself into a web page context
  • ipgeocode.js deduces the location via IP geocoding
  • movies.js lists movies from
  • phantomwebintro.js uses jQuery to read #intro element text from
  • pizza.js uses to find pizza places in Mountain View
  • seasonfood.js displays the BBC seasonal food list
  • tweets.js displays the most recent tweets
  • unrandomize.js modifies a global object at page initialization
  • waitfor.js waits until a test condition is true or a timeout occurs


  • detectsniff.js detects if a web page sniffs the user agent
  • loadspeed.js computes the loading speed of a web site
  • netlog.js dumps all network requests and responses
  • netsniff.js captures network traffic in HAR format
  • post.js sends an HTTP POST request to a test server
  • postserver.js starts a web server and sends an HTTP POST request to it
  • server.js starts a web server and sends an HTTP GET request to it
  • serverkeepalive.js starts a web server which answers in plain text
  • simpleserver.js starts a web server which answers in HTML

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