Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Clustering CoreOS Docker Hosts Using Fleet

Once the CoreOS Docker Hosts are Clustered we will be able to manage the Docker Hosts from a single server.

Getting the new Discovery URL.

curl -w "\n"

We will get somthing like

make sure we use the new Discovery URL in the Config-core.yaml

Configure the new Config File with the URL
>>cat config-core.yaml
    # generate a new token for each unique cluster from
    # multi-region and multi-cloud deployments need to use $public_ipv4
    addr: $private_ipv4:4001
    peer-addr: $private_ipv4:7001
    - name: etcd.service
      command: start
    - name: fleet.service
      command: start
  - path: /etc/resolv.conf
    permissions: 0644
    owner: root
    content: |
  # include one or more SSH public keys
  - ssh-rsa AA7dasdlakdjlksajdlkjasa654d6s5a4d6sa5d465df46sdg4rdfghfdhdg74wefg4sd32f13f468e Generated-by-Nova
If we are using Openstack make sure that the neutron metadata service is running fine and working properly because the private_ipv4 attribute works only if the instance get the meta data properly.

Use the Above Config File to start the CoreOs VM's. and Once the CoreOs VM are running Then we can use the Following Commands to check the fleet status.

List the machines in the Fleet
>> fleetctl list-machines
MACHINE         IP              METADATA
0a1cad1d...      -
220f3e64...      -
31dbd5ca...      -

If we need to add a new server into the same fleet we can get the Discovery URL by

grep DISCOVERY /run/systemd/system/etcd.service.d/20-cloudinit.conf

Using the above command we can get the Discovery URL from a running machine in the Fleet.

Once we get the URL start the new instance with the same config-core.yaml.

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