Saturday, March 31, 2018

Parsing Value from a Json Field in Qubole.

Description of how to extract a value from a JSON field in Hive using the get_json_object function. When the data in one of the fields in the Hive environment is in JSON format, and we need to extract a value out of the JSON, we can use the get_json_object function. For example, if we have a column named jdata containing the following JSON:

get_json_object(column_name, '$.keyvalue')

The column name is : jdata and json the Column is as followes.

    "Foo": "ABC",
    "Bar": "20090101100000",
    "Quux": {
        "QuuxId": 1234,
        "QuuxName": "Sam"

if we have to extract ABC : get_json_object(jdata, '$.Foo') 

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