Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Azure AD integration to GCP Cloud for SSO

Idea is to enable SSO to GCP cloud with Azure AD configuration

Make sure cloud identity is subscripted in GCP account and we have a super admin user in that account.
Also the same domain is verified in both Azure and GCP.
Note: If Same domain is verified in any other Gsuit or GCP account, that should be used.

Base Document Followed

In GCP: Create 1 Super admin in Google env (Super admin is only available in which is available only if Gsuite or if Cloud Identity is register.)
In Azure:  Create 1 Application for the User Provisioning.
Make sure the user has been created in GCP user portal.

In Azure Create Second App
We will face login error after configuring as per the GCP document.  Errors have been listed below. To solve we need add the Identifier and Reply URL.

Errors faced

AADSTS650056: Misconfigured application. This could be due to one of the following: The client has not listed any permissions for 'AAD Graph' in the requested permissions in the client's application registration. Or, The admin has not consented in the tenant. Or, Check the application identifier in the request to ensure it matches the configured client application identifier. Please contact your admin to fix the configuration or consent on behalf of the tenant. Client app ID: 01303a13-8322-4e06-bee5-80d612907131.
Solution :  In SAML Config : add Identifier (Entity ID) :<Domain Name>

AADSTS900561: The endpoint only accepts POST requests. Received a GET request.
Solution :  In SAML Config : add Reply URL :*

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