Friday, August 5, 2022

Kubernets Components


Kubernetes as K8s is one of the most commonly used container orchestration tools. Following are the major components of the Kubernetes environment. These are not the only components but the very core components. 

Data Plane: Worker Nodes, Where the Pods or Containers with workload run
Control Plane: Master Node, where the k8s components run

Following are the Components of the Control Plane
  • Apiserver
    • Apiserver service act as the connection between all the components in the Control Plane and Data Plane
    • Orchestrating all operations in the cluster
    • Expose the K8s API which end users use for operation and monitoring
    • Collect data from Kubelet for Monitoring
    • Authenticates - Validates - retrieve data
    • Give data or do the operations with data
    • Pass data to kubelet to perform operations in the Worker node

  • etcd
    • etcd service is mainly used for the storage of all the details. Etcd is basically a key-value pair data store. 
    • Store Data not limited to the following details
      • Registry
      • Nodes
      • Pods
      • Config
      • Secrets
      • Accounts
      • Roles
      • -- other components as well

  • Kube scheduler
    • Identify the right worker nodes in which containers can be deployed and give data back to API Servers, then kubelet get data from API server and deploys the container. 
    • Keeps on monitoring the API Server for operations 
    • Identify the right worker node for mentioned operation and give it back to API Server
    • Filter nodes
    • Ranks nodes : 
      • Resource requirements, resources left after container placement
      • Taints and Tolerations
      • Node Selectors/Affinity
      • Labels and Selectors
      • Resource limits
      • Manual Scheduling 
      • Daemon Sets
      • Multiple Schedulers
      • Scheduler Events
  • Kube-controller-Manager
    • Watch Status
    • Remediate Situations
    • Monitor the state of the system and try to bring it to the desired state

Following are the Components of the Data Plane
  • Kubectl
    • Client used to connect to API Server
  • Kubelet
    • Agent runs on each Worker nodes
    • Listens to the Kube APIs and Performs the Operation 
    • give back data to Kube API Server for monitoring of operation
  • Kube-proxy
    • Enable communication between services in Worker nodes
    • Pod-Network
      • by Default All pods connect to each other
    • Create Iptable rules to allow communication between pods and services

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